We've discovered that the owners of the most successful restaurants tend to care a great deal about their communities. If you have a thriving restaurant, you know that hard work, pleasant service, along with good food at a fair price are the keys to winning...but you also want others to do well. 


Our tables are an awesome way for you, the restaurant owner to obtain some fantastic benefits, and yet allow your fellow business friends in the community to grow and prosper their businesses as well. 


We transform your plain tables into beautiful, full-color works of art that prominently displays your logo so you continue to work your brand in front of your patrons their entire visit (not just your sign out front or the two minutes they peruse your menu). The more opportunities they see and think about your brand, the more they will remember to come back. And we do them for "FREE." That's right...these custom made tables don't cost you a cent.  


Eye Remember You Promotions is associated with ABC Advertising, which has been the undisputed leader in custom tabletop production for over 25 years. Our gorgeous tables are adorned in over 2,000 restaurants throughout North America.  


To offset the costs, we team up with a select number of businesses in your area and place digital quality, full-color ads on the tables. These are businesses that are or become loyal customers.


It's no different than a sports stadium posting ads on their walls or outfield fences. And guess what...not a single person says, "I'm not going to the game because they have ads." There's even a good chance that you have something hanging on your walls right now that promotes another business, but they are paying you nothing for it.


For over 25 years, we have heard the overwhelmingly positive feedback from patrons, "Wow! These tables are great." ..."These tables are so nice." ... "What a great idea." 


By taking advantage of the plain old tables you have and leveraging them for a greater use, you can capture the following benefits:   



1) New Tabletops – FREE

Don't spend your own money sprucing up the decor. The Restaurant Association recommends that restaurants should change something in their decor (carpet, booths, paint, art, tables...) every 2-3 years. 


You will save thousands of dollars by letting the tabletop advertising pay for new tables that promote your name. 


2) Generate More Branding Presence In Your Restaurant

Most restaurants have a wonderful sign out front but have little to NO brand presence within the restaurant. Okay, your menu, but where else? It will do you wonders to have a magazine quality logo on every table in front of your clients during their whole visit. 


Let your imagination go -- we can design just about anything. Examples include; restaurant logos, maps of origin country (i.e. Mexico, Italy, etc.), trivia, thank you for your patronage, sports themes, scenic murals (i.e. beach, jungle, hot air balloons, etc.), animals, foods, beers, wines, and more.


Our attractive photo quality tabletops are made with a durable polyurethane finish. This is no small gift. We will keep the tables new by replacing them approximately every two years.


3) Publicity
Your restaurant receives a tremendous amount of publicity. We are going to go from business owner to business owner for 2 months bragging about your restaurant and will cover points you want us to cover while selling the advertisements. We are carrying menus and other exciting news about your restaurant with us. Imagine hiring a door to door marketing person to do this. It would cost thousands of dollars. And all of this is at no cost to you.


4) Community Integration
The businesses that purchase ads on your new tables will become some of your best boosters. They will eat in your restaurant more often and bring their friends, relatives, and business associates. We "marry" them to your restaurant for the next two-three years at "no cost." We've been doing these tables for over 25 years and many of our restaurant testimonials are amazed by how much more support they get from the advertisers.


5) Patron Entertainment
The restaurant business, as you know, comes all at once and no matter how fast the wait staff, they can't get to everyone fast enough. With the tables, they're busy reading the advertisements and not keeping an eye on their watch. We occupy their time. For many restaurants, this is one of our hidden gem benefits. For the wait staff, this is almost always the greatest benefit. Customers that are busy reading ads and losing track of time are not frustrated. That makes for bigger tips and coming back more frequently.


6) Social Media Presence

Help build your social presence, like Facebook, to drive sales growth and build customer loyalty. We'll place a request on the tables for customers to "like you" on whatever social media platform you prefer. When you get them to "act" while at your restaurant, they will usually post a photo or message about you. That's huge. 


7) Cross Promotion Opportunities

By offering special deals to the advertisers on the tables, they will promote your restaurant at no advertising cost to you. By obtaining special deals from the advertisers, you will have something to offer the patrons that cost you nothing.


8) Good Will
The restaurant owner builds upon a most precious asset – goodwill. Most of the advertisers are independently owned local businesses. By allowing them the best exposure that they will ever have, helping to strengthen them, the advertisers will be very appreciative toward the restaurant owner. Our advertising rates are a fraction of what other mediums charge so you're doing a great service because businesses can actually afford to advertise. 



 These benefits are at absolutely no cost to you, the restaurant owner. With our program, you win!



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