Welcome to Eye Remember You Promotions. As part of the ABC Advertising group, we have been the #1 Leader in tabletop advertising for the past 25 years.


We are in the business of helping you grow your business for less – GUARANTEED. Take a few moments and discover this incredible advertising medium. You will be amazed at how something so simple can be so good for you.


No other advertising medium is as powerful and affordable. I ask small business people all the time, what advertising out there that they can afford, that can compete and perform better than our tables.  


We team up with the most popular restaurants, along with a select number of businesses, and provide outstanding ad exposure, social media interaction, and cross promotional opportunities.


We custom design and build the highest quality tabletop ad tables on the market. Using a special million dollar press, we produce gorgeous, full-color, magazine quality tables with ads that pop off the table.


We live up to our name, “Eye Remember You Promotions,” because people WILL see your ad and remember your business.


Give us a call at 360-739-3937, and find out more about these fantastic tables.  



From Dennis Zetting (owner)


I don't want to say it is an "Us" vs. "Them," however, it kind of is. The little guy vs. Goliath. My goal is to provide a powerful community strategy that enhances the awareness and reputation of small businesses within a community.  


I spent many years working on multi-million dollar marketing promotions with clients such as, Disney, Bank of America, and Trader Joes. I'm not opposed to large business. It's just that they have plenty of advantages (i.e. million dollar marketing budgets, economies of scale, purchasing power, sophisticated training programs, etc.).  


Most businesses don't have much of an advertising budget. The two responses I hear the most are, 1) advertising is too expensive, and 2) it doesn't work. It's not that people don't want to advertise.  


When I discovered the solid marketing fundamentals of tabletop advertising, and how affordable they are for small/medium size businesses, I knew it was something I could genuinely represent for years to come. 


I am in the business of providing a way for you to promote your business with something that works and won't break the bank. I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business. 





Dennis Zetting - President  

Eye Remember You Promotions, Inc.







Community Maketing

Community Marketing is very powerful because people care about the success and vitality within their immediate surroundings. Especially, in the current economy.


The restaurant is the catalyst. Restaurants are a community watering hole where folks go to talk. And, with your ad on the tables, they will talk about you. Not only while sitting at the tables, but while engaging in social media.   


Community Marketing occurs when you leverage the advantages that are present within a community in a joint effort.


Here are some of the typical shared values that occur within community:

         - people want to support small business

         - people want to support their community

         - people want to support those who help others

         - people want to support friends and people they know

         - people want their money to stay local